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What is a Doula and why would I need one? 

     If you have asked this question I may have some answers for you! A Birth Doula means "a woman who helps", specifically a woman who helps during the birth process. 

As a birth professional, I am honored to support and empower women and families during the childbirth year.


     I am a professionally trained childbirth assistant who helps a mother and her spouse or support person during pregnancy, throughout labor, and after birth to provide emotional, physical, and informational support. During pregnancy, I will assist you with your options, preferences, and plan about childbirth, go over any fears or concerns you may have and provide information about non-medical remedies to minor pregnancy discomforts.


     I provide unlimited support via email, text, and phone, addressing any concerns you may have about your pregnancy and upcoming birth. We will have two prenatal visits, I will attend your birth and we will meet for one postpartum visit. To discuss pricing please contact me through the Contact page or my Facebook page.


     For my most current availability please click here.

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